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Why own a New York Slice Pizza shop?

  • Join a well-known and established brand with over 20 years’ experience in business.
  • Strong Business Support Networks
  • Easy to learn business operations
  • Efficient systems and procedures
  • New technologies in ordering and cost management
  • Marketing and sales support


Started in 1999 by two brothers that enjoyed having a good night out with friends. They had an idea to bring the pizza by the slice culture from bustling New York City to Australia and especially into their hometown of Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. Over 20 years later and we’re still serving hot slices of delicious pizza in the heartbeat of Brisbane’s night life precinct.

There’s nothing we love more than seeing a group of friends coming into the store having a good time and excited to grab a slice of our pizza. Our purpose is to be there for our customers while they’re having a good time.

Our vision is to be your favourite because we’re delicious and we love having fun.

What does it take to make it
in the New York Slice business?

What We’re Looking For.

While cooking or business experience are not necessary, we have found that there are keys to making it work:

People Lovers

Every day you will be dealing with people from all walks of life, and you will need to bring the energy that represents the brand and who we are. These people will range from customers to suppliers and even your own staff but they all will be important to helping you achieve your goals and objectives in the business.

Attention to Care

We believe that if you really care about what you do then you’ll achieve great success. The attention you take towards caring about everything you do is very important to becoming a part of New York Slice. Caring about everything from the cleanliness of the kitchen and shop to the look of your pizzas is pivotal in your success.

Work Ethic

Let’s face it, if there’s one thing we know it’s that hard work pays. As a business owner it will be up to you how hard you want to work but you can guarantee that the rewards will follow. The bonus of being a business owner is that your get to enjoy your hard work and not give it to a boss. New York Slice is all about the grind and hustle but we’re also here because we love to have a good time.

Family and Friends
support network

You won’t be able to do this without the support from your family and friends. The success of our business has been strongly attributed to the contributions from our family members and friends. You will have your young family members working their first jobs and other siblings or friends jumping in to help you out on busy nights. You will also need our friends to be customers and spread the word or post on their social media.

Who Will Help You Along the Way?

Here to support you.

Esala Roqica
Owner & Director

The owner for the past five years and has helped push the business into new markets. With many years of experience in advertising and marketing working for companies such as Carsales.com.au Esala will be there to help you drive your business and achieve success. Your main support and reporting line will be direct to the owner and director which will help you learn firsthand what it takes to make it in this business.

Umesh Giri
Head of Operations

12 years’ experience in running New York Slice Pizza flag ship store in Fortitude Valley. Umesh knows the business inside and out. During your training you will spend time with Umesh and learn how to manage your store to keep it up to standard and you will also have him on speed dial for any questions you might have. Having someone with that much experience will help you avoid making mistakes or losing money.


Queensland ⤸

  1. Fortitude Valley - HQ
  2. Redbank Plains - Franchised
  3. Toowoomba - Franchised
  4. Springwood - Now Available
  5. Gold Coast - Coming Soon

Events ⤸

  • Suncorp Stadium
  • The Gabba
  • Heritage Bank Stadium
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